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For all your free online games, Cool Games has it all. Enjoy yourself as you play your favourite online games today and forever. Make the most of this wonderful gaming website and experience the unlimited fun you can have. With thousands of free, really cool games ready to play, enjoy what Cool Games has to offer!


We have many categories of really cool games for kids… and adults. Shooting games, action games, dress up games, girls games and boys games. Plus much more! Find what cool games you enjoy most, and beat your friends and competitors online. Good luck! And enjoy!


Tablet and Mobile Games

Play these FREE awesome HTML5 mobile/tablet games. Choose from the hundreds of games you can play on your mobile or tablet. Note: Some games are better designed to be played on a tablet than a mobile phone, But enjoy!



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Boys Games

Play these really cool games for free that keep you on edge and leave you wanting more. We offer hundreds of the best boys game here for you to play.



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Girls Games

Girls, come and play your favourite online games. Dress up, customization, fun games, and all the kinds that makes for popular games for girls.



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Action Games/Arcade Games


Jam packed full of action and arcade games online ready to play. Enjoy these really cool games online for free. Only the best action/arcade games here!



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Adventure Games

Play the most exciting adventure games that cool games has to offer. Embark on an adventure as you play these wonderfully fun cool games for kids… and adults.



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Shooting Games

The best shooting games packed full of fun and enjoyment. Blast your way around as you play these online games and set high scores.



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Dress Up Games

Play the latest and greatest dress up games for girls here at Cool Games. Have fun and experience the thrill of dressing up the way you like.



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Strategy Games

Use your head and try to find your way round these strategy games. As fun as they are, these cool games can also be quite challenging. Have a go. Good luck!



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Car Games

Love… like cars? Play these car games and see what interests you the most. Drive, race and discover the awesome car games here.



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Sports Games

Sports games are fun, light and sometimes easy to play. But they can be competitive, like most sports. Find what sport you like most and play them all you like.



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